Tuesday, July 5, 2011

To fat or not to fat...or is it TOO fat or NOT too fat

There is something that has been perplexing me a lot lately. It seems that there is this sudden trend of fatness. What I mean is, I see people boycotting books because of the use of the word fat. I see people blogging because they are fat (their words, not mine). And we are bombarded by TV shows helping people overcome their fatness. WTF--what the fat?

Apparently, some people are very concerned over the use of the word 'fat' in early education curriculums. They think that it sets a bad example and that it is "damaging for children of this age group". Really? Sometimes, I feel like fat is a four-letter word, you know, the bad varieties, but it's not. Some people are fat, I prefer chubby...it just sounds cuter, and some people are thin. If we are going to freak out over the use of fat, then when will it no longer be acceptable to use the word thin? Just throwin' it out there.

Now, I realize that the "fat" adjective can be very hurtful, first-hand, but, let's be real, it's going to happen. So, how about we, as parents, aunts, uncles...you get the idea...teach our children how to be kind. I'm not promoting that there be an influx of books about "fat" puppies, "fat" kitties, etc. I simply think that sometimes things are taken way too fat...I mean, far. Freudian slip...perhaps.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the full-bodied embrace of, well, being full-bodied. Big. Beautiful. And who am I to argue? I am a full-bodied woman, but that's not all I am and that's definitely not all I'm about. I don't mean to imply that these people are only good at being "fatties"---again, their term, not mine, but I don't get the OK-ness with their physicality. Can't we LOVE ourselves, regardless of the number attached to our waistband OR, heaven forbid, the number on the white square of doom located in bathrooms worldwide? I think that's what this all boils down to for me.

It seems that we either hate "fat" or we ARE "fat", but I propose that there is a middle ground, that is in no way associated with our middles. We can be fat, we can be thin, we can be too fat, too thin, or somewhere in the middle, but ALL of that can change. We can change. How about we focus on the inside, you know, the soft jelly fillings...I mean, feelings. Self esteem comes in all shapes and sizes, but it is NEVER wrong to strive for something better. I have plenty of friends that are at healthy weights that ssstrrrruggle with their self image/self worth; so, while they work on their insides, metaphorically, of course, I work on my outside.

Don't be complacent. Don't feel as though you're stuck with the body you are currently housed in. There's ALWAYS hope!! If you love your body, then keep it, but don't settle because that's just how you are...cause, let's be real, it's not. Oh. my. word. YES, I went there!

That's why we're all obsessed with those reality shows concerning extreme weight loss. No. You're not obsessed. Oh. My bad. Maybe it's just me.

Now, are we all supposed to be twigs? NO. When reality sets in, there is always something, concerning our health, that we can be doing better. BUT even beyond that, we're worth so much more than "fat" or "thin". I mean, I'm pretty sure you are cause I know I am. I'm a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a teacher, a singer, an artist, a creator, a child of God...yep, that last one's the kicker. I'm divine, you're divine, so let's just focus on that for a bit....or....forever!

~Happy in the middle, and striving for the top, Kenz

Funny story: I once told someone I was from Idaho to which they responded, "Yeah, you definitely look like pioneer stock." I had to chuckle (I find it much better for the soul than crying or taking offense).

At least they didn't call me "fat"...someone done brought 'em up right (said in my best southern accent).

I can tell ya that this 40+ pound heavier version of me was 
in a much darker place than...

this 40+ pound thinner version. And my hubby, after 60+ pounds lost, is also feelin' much better about himself...and let's be real, we both feel great 
about each other. Hubba hubba hubby! :D

Friday, July 1, 2011

Camp Thankful

So, I've decided that I'm going to start a weekly tradition in my home: Thankful Thursdays. Why? You ask. Well, it's because I always have these moments of, "Oh, I need to drop her a note in the mail," or "I have got to write that down," etc. etc. Therefore the creation of Thankful Thursdays. This Thursday I was able to write some thank you notes and make some caramel brownies for my heroes from a couple of Sundays back when Bowen had his tooth---less adventure.

Now I find myself thinking, "What about the other days? I don't want them to feel left out." Well, I'm not going to name them or anything...Wacky Wednesday, French Fry-day...no...resisting the urge, but I'm hoping to be more conscious of what's going on around me and take note every day. There's a reason for this sudden yearning to be doing something important every day: eo you realize that my baby with the cutest teethy smile is 13 1/2 AND my baby girl is leaving for Girls' Camp on Tuesday? Yes, folks, it's true. Where did that time go? I remember, vividly, rolling my eyes at my mother when she'd recommend that I soak it all in because time flies...well, much to my dismay, she was right. Ugh. I joke...sorta :D

This brings me to another note: Keragyn gets to go to camp next week; Yay. But seriously. Gavyn has been going camping for around 4 years now with various scouting adventures, and I've never really had an issue. (There may have been some worrisome tears shed when he left for his first whole-week camp trip, but who can remember for sure? :) Not sure if ya know, but fires are blazing like crazy down here in AZ...and I'm not just referring to our scorching temperatures. Unfortunately, these fires, and the extremely high risk for more fires, has caused a shut down of all of our forests...including Mt. Lemmon, the usual campground for Girls' Camp. Some stakes have canceled camp but our fearless leader, Dana Elmer, has gone through the ringer for our girls and found a legit camping experience. The problem: it's FOUR hours away. I am super stoked that Keragyn is going to get a real girls' camp experience for her first year, but I am seriously a little panicky about how far she's going. Gavyn has travelled much farther...but, apparently I'm just stressing about my baby girl. I may also be realizing just how much she helps me out; I'm extremely luc....no, blessed to have such wonderful children. I'm gonna miss her terribly!! EEeeeek. I'll be fine. Feel free to bring me some comfort food to help me through it. :P

Funny side-note: Keragyn, referring to her new camp location, says to me, "Mom, we have to use port-a-potties...ew." To which I, oozing with nothing but love and compassion responded, "I know. I'm stoked that you get to experience real camping...like I got to experience EVERY year I attended camp." I'm not bitter, not at all.

Grateful I'm a mama, Kenz