Monday, June 20, 2011

Boy Meets Table

Oh, how I love Sundays, and this Father's Day was no exception. It was a beautiful Tucson day filled with typical Sunday preparation: baths, fancy hair, the choosing of what to wear, etc. Then we went to church.

I am the new ward choir director, a calling I've had in the past, and I am really enjoying it. There is quite a turn out for choir in this ward, which is ALWAYS a blessing since usually people are "too busy". Now, I don't mean that as a chastisement for those that are legitimately busy, it's just that some of us are busy...clipping our toenails, catching up on the game, etc. It's all about priorities; this is coming from one who is currently working on her own priorities as well. Well, we had a full choir yesterday and they sounded BEAUTIFUL! Really! It was amazing, and, since it's my first time directing them, I'm as pleased as punch.

Moving on to Sunday school. The lesson was on hypocrisy and focused on 4 of Jesus' parables. I love the parables, even the ones that seem to be directly at me...and not in a good way. The lesson was so insightful and I really felt the spirit. I have already been trying to overcome my own little hypocrite inside, so this lesson was both helpful and hopeful for me because I know that as long as I'm aware of my shortcomings and willing to keep on truckin' and weeding out my garden, if you will, that I'll be O.K.

Then Relief Society...definitely an inspired lesson today...well, for me, at least. The lesson was on talents. We had the opportunity to chat with our neighbor and discover some of her talents. My neighbor was Sister Melanie Jeffries. I asked what her talents were and she totally deflected---I'd say that's one of her talents, the art of letting someone else be in the spotlight---and got me talking about myself. Anyone who knows me knows that, at this point, she was doomed. :) Anyway, I really enjoyed talking with her. She is truly a humble, obedient, and faithful daughter of our Heavenly Father. Truly and inspiring woman.
    Well, RS got over and I was chatting with someone at the door when, all of the sudden, I hear my name. Now this wasn't the typical name calling, this was a frantic, commanding, "MACKENZIE". I looked and saw Carrie Seegmiller carrying Bowen toward the bathroom; she was holding a hand over his mouth. I thought he was puking...if only! Well, I ran after and got to the bathroom. That's when I noticed the blood. Oh em gee-whiz, she moved her hand and I saw into his tiny, blood-filled mouth, and that was that. I was a goner. I was instantly crying and in shock. *DISCLAIMER-I never thought I'd be one of those mothers that gets wimpy when tragedy strikes one of her children...I now have compassion for "those mothers". I was a mess. At this point Jen Ball (angel), Kelli Riggs (angel nurse), and Matt Slivka (dentist extraordinaire...and my own personal Superman...pretty much forever) came to my rescue...and Bowen's rescue. They took him into the bathroom and started to assess the situation.

I'd like to say that I got things together and that was that, that, however, was not the case...I may have had another episode of shock. C'est la vie.

I finally did get control and went in to the bathroom. Dr. Slivka assured me that it looked worse than it really was. They had Bowen pretty much cleaned up, and then they showed me the tooth. The entire little tooth. Wow! It came clean out. Long little sucker. And it left a gap in Bowen's bottom row of teeth; Dr. Slivka assures me that everything is fine and that the gap will be filled when he's...wait for it....wait for it....10 or 11. Awesome. We're gonna have some pretty cute school pics fo' sho'. Matt said, "Every time you see that gap just remember how grateful you are that it wasn't one of his front teeth". AMEN!

I'm not exactly sure what happened in the nursery, and, honestly, I don't really care. Accidents happen. However, I do know that Carrie Seegmiller was in the right place at the right time and I am forever grateful; she saw the table falling and ran for it. She caught it at the same time that it hit Bowen; I can't imagine the damage that would have been done had his little face received the full impact. So grateful!

So, you see, the lesson on talents...inspired. Carrie--calm in the storm. Jen--compassion and reassurance. Kelli--healing hands and heart. Matt--healing and precision. All of these people showed compassion, kindness, and charity. I am forever thankful for them and their talents!